Pokemon GO

Attracting Customers to your Business with Pokémon GO

Within 13 hours of Pokémon GO’s release, it topped the charts in the App Store, turning this augmented reality game into North America’s new reality.

Pokémon GO is currently the most popular game for mobile in North America (move over, Candy Crush!) There are over 21 million people active on the app daily. That’s a huge demographic. What can you do to attract these users to your business?

Take Advantage of PokéStops

PokéStops are where people get in-game items. You can find PokéStop locations here.

  1. Attract People

Found a PokéStop by your business? Amp it up with Lure Modules! These attract more Pokémonand peopleto the stop. This is a “pay-to-win” option (they’re available for real money in the Pokémon GO store), but it’s a valid marketing strategy. Don’t forget to announce the time you plan to drop the module on your social media!

  1. Be Open Minded

Whether you’re capitalizing on the PokéStop or not, it’s going to attract trainers. Not every person playing will be a customer, but discouraging people from playing nearby will ensure that none of them will be.

  1. Future: Sponsorship

Currently, Niantic (the Pokémon GO creator) isn’t accepting submissions for new PokéStops, but there’s talk of sponsorship opportunities in the future. Keep an eye out to get your business on the PokéMap!

What If There are No PokéStops Nearby?

You can still use Pokémon GO to attract customers with no stops nearby.

  1. Take Advantage of App Setbacks

Pokémon GO is a notorious battery drainer. If you’ve got plug-ins and Wi-Fi at your location, advertise yourself as a free charging station! People will stay until their phones are charged, enticing them to spend their time (and likely money!) at your business.

  1. Have a Pokémon GO Special

  • Are people catching Pokémon in your store? Get them to screenshot it for a discount or dollars off their purchase.
  • Offer a discount for people who bring in a specific Pokémon.
  • Encourage current customers to take pictures of Pokémon caught with your merchandise.

Get creative! You know what works for your business.

  1. #UseSocialMedia

Most people playing Pokémon GO are also on social media. Invite people to come to your business on your channels! Advertise your Pokémon GO specials and ask people to tag your business in their posts about the app. That’ll get your name out there (you could even add a promotion to boost results)! Look up #PokémonGo. There are new tweets about it every few seconds. People are talking, and you could be part of that conversation!

Pokémon GO isn’t GOing anywhere soon. Get on board and enjoy the ride! And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! Cargo Digital is here to help.

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