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Building an Organic Facebook Following

Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm is one of the most debated systems around. This algorithm determines who can see your posts and where they show up in the Newsfeed.

There are four main components of the algorithm:  interest, the creator, the post type, and the recency of the post. We’ll explore these components and how to build your following organically.



The first thing Facebook considers is how interesting users find your content. Followers will see more of your posts because they’re already interested in your page. How much interaction a post receives is also factored into the algorithm. The more people who like, share, and comment on your post, the more people it will reach!


The Creator

The performance of your page’s past posts is measured against posts from other users. This is where it helps to be more active on your pages! Remember, though, more activity doesn’t always equal more interest.


Post Type

The type of post plays a role in how much interest and reach a post receives. Typically, photo-based posts on Facebook rank higher than text-only posts. Images allow users to take in information more quickly than text-based posts.



There are over three million posts made to Facebook every hour, and how recently you posted will matter! The Newsfeed algorithm takes publishing time into consideration when determining where your post should appear.


How to Grow your Audience

The best tips to grow your organic Facebook following are simple. The first, and likely the most logical, is to be active on your page! If you’re not posting, there’s nothing for your audience to interact with. Varying the content you post can also impact on your follower numbers. Different types of posts appeal to different members of your audience.

By responding to comments, reviews and creating a dialogue you can see a big difference in the engagement level of your audience. Be social and use your accounts to connect and engage with your followers!

If there’s one thing that will work against your business page, it’s spamming. Ensure you post the best content by curating it carefully, based on the wants of your audience. By posting only curated content, your followers are more likely to be engaged!

This information, and these tips, could help you grow your own Facebook following without having to spend any money! Still need some help with your social media audience? Cargo Digital is here to help.


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