Importance of Houzz

Home Sweet Home: Why Your Business Should Be On Houzz

If you’re in the renovating business or are in the process of renovating yourself, you’ve likely heard of Houzz. It brands itself as “the new way to design your home.” What this means is the days of perusing home catalogues and shopping for hours at furniture stores are ending, and a new era of home design is here. Houzz offers a comprehensive platform for businesses and customers to connect through photos, discussions, and community. It can be a lot to take in, but we’ll have you feeling at home on Houzz in no time.


Which Businesses Should Use Houzz?

Here’s the thing: residential housing is a vast category. In order for Houzz to serve its audience, it needs to be as vast as its topic. That means there isn’t just one kind of business involved. If it can be found in a house, you’ll find it on Houzz, and that’s great for your business. You’ll find people looking for information on home improvement, remodeling, building, decorating, and so much more. The main page scrolls FOREVER with content including everything from interior design tips to products to people’s before and after projects.

Importance of Houzz

What’s more, you don’t have to be directly related to home improvement to “home” in on Houzz. Home stagers, photographers, environmental services, and landscaping can all be found there as well. If your business model involves improving people’s quality of house and home, you should be on Houzz.


Why Should Your Business Be on Houzz?

This is the age of renovations. Increasing housing costs are pushing people towards fixing the houses they already have instead of buying new ones. There are over 35 million users (and very likely significantly more now) using Houzz, and that’s a huge market to tap into. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s what the site focuses on. People respond well to images, therefore submitting your projects and products provides significant exposure for your brand.