How To Engage Your Market Segments

Your audience is now more segmented than ever. Marketing reach goes beyond media placement and messaging integration. It’s about driving action.

Marketing segmentation is about focus, targeting and reach. It’s about building conversion channels that creates a conversation. How you leverage your current marketing tactics to understand your market and serve content to create different conversations will determine how well you leverage your existing traffic and achieve ROI with new traffic channels you may be investing in.


What Is Marketing Segmentation?

Marketing Segmentation is about making sure that the right message gets to the right buyer at the right time. Simple enough? Not so fast.

We are bombarded with messages everywhere all the time. We all have a different perspective on the messages we hear. The fact that 90% of communication happens non-verbally makes 90% of your conversational cues irrelevant with your written messages.

This means your words, your pictures and your videos craft a story your buyers will connect with… or not.


The Science Experiment

There is no logical way to fully understand where your buyers are until you try to engage them.

For a hypothetical example, you can make a subtle change to the color of a headline on a landing page and then suddenly notice skyrocket by 10%.

Every market is different and in many cases the results you achieve in each segment within a particular market changes drastically with each conversation you try to engage.

This is how you must experiment with your brand to let our market speak to you. If you listen closely enough, your buyers will tell you exactly what they want.

By treating your business as a science experiment you will learn from your actions and create a system that runs on autopilot converting information seekers into buyers. Learning how to engage your market segments in a tactful, meaningful way is the first step to creating a winning marketing strategy.


5 Elements Of Successful Marketing Segmentation

  1. Measurably – Can they be measured based on size, purchasing power & segment profile?
  2. Accessibility – Can your market be easily reached?
  3. Substantial – What is the critical mass required to be profitable?
  4. Differentiated – Is this market distinct from other markets?
  5. Actionable – Are successful campaigns possible?

By engage systems that you can test, track and measure you create a system that has the potential to drive real results.

Tools We Use For Marketing Segmentation

There are three distinct phases to your creating a digital presence.

Branding, content creation (building your sales funnel) & traffic generation. They key move to understanding how your market is segmented is your content. This is where your sales funnel is born.

We discuss a broader look at Digital Strategy here.  As information seekers become buyers it is important to provide them with the content and the information that they need to solve their problems. An efficient sales funnel will engage people based on their unique problems and provide solutions and a means for people to travel through different user paths effortlessly.


In terms of segmenting your market, as people move through your funnel they give us feedback based on the action paths they take and the action paths they don’t take.

This give you information and helps you continually build your business and make better use of your traffic.


Making Your Segmented Market Work For You

Branding / Messaging:

You need to build your website and all digital assets to engage user paths with different mindsets in a way that is focused and action orientated.  When you design your brand, you don’t have any real world data about your market so you want to build the brand based on what you think will drive action. This happens when you research your market.

Your website is where the rubber meets the road. It’s your science lab. Your brand needs to be setup in a way that can easily be tweaked once you start getting real world information about your market. Your website is the vehicle to achieve this.

This is where your prospects get to know you and you get to know them. They could be visitors from around the web or offline. Through time,  you will learn to engage their conversation based how they react to your messages.

By understanding your market and all the different “conversations” in your market. Over time,  you will better set up to answer ALL the questions that people might be having in your market and then you will learn to engage that with increasing efficiency.

Remember, you have about 5 seconds to create interest for new visitors. If you fail to start “the talk” people are going to walk right off your site and find your competitor. If you succeed and create a permanent conversation, you will still be a big part of your prospect’s lives well after they have bought something from you.

Your page structures should be set up to be very focused on answering questions on very focused problems based on each segment of your potential prospect.

Each page should easily navigate to other topics as people have questions so that your visitors easily flow through your site collecting information. Once your prospects have enough information on the problems they are looking to solve you will have built authority if you provided them with that information. Once this happens, they usually take actions.

Your site will quickly tell you which messages people engage with and which messages they do not. Your branding platform is the base level medium that makes all this possible.

Content Generation Tactics:

We need to build content to speak to different people. This is where you actually start conversations on the branding platform you have just built. Because your branding platform was set up properly, now you have the ability to serve content in a way that makes it easy to “tweak” your messaging to build value to your prospects.

Content should be seen as the lifeblood of your organization. The more you are putting out content the more you are establishing authority and gaining credibility. The best part about creating content, is that you are also creating conversations. These conversations will segment based on the high quality research and information you should have gained about your demographics in the early phases of planning your business.

It’s like fishing. Your content is your lure. The effectiveness of your lure depends on the quality of the lake and how hungry the fish are. In most cases, we are bombarded with so much content that we block much of what we see online, so it’s key to stand out from your competitors.

By being different and focusing on one segment at a time you create progress, value and results.

Traffic Generation Tactics:

We can use the traffic we generate as a way to understand user paths and the segmentation of our market. By understanding where the traffic comes from and the buyer intent associated with that traffic, we can now have a better understanding about the quality of data we are getting from our website. Essentially, some traffic will be relevant. Some traffic will not be.

Adwords – Adwords gives us a wealth of information that goes beyond using research tools. It actually gives us real world, live data that can be used to build your funnels and understand your user paths. There is no better way to get instant targeted traffic to your site than Adwords. It’s a data gold mine.

Social Media – There is no better way to understand your users than to engage them on social media. By understanding real world problems and answering real world questions, themes start to come up that will feed your content strategy. This is great because you can look to your social channels to ask what people are looking for. By studying people’s questions and interactions you are better suited to know what kind of content to create.

Re-marketing Lists – Once you know who your visitors are, you can build lists of people that have gone to your site and then serve ads to them at a later date. These ads can be targeted to different people based on different action they took on your site. This is one of the most powerful forms of paid media advertising on the web. It is cheap as you are not serving to a huge audience and you can serve different ads to people that have been to different places on your site which will engage their unique conversation. This tactic works great once your machine is starting to mature.

There are many other ways to do this with traffic generation. We will go more into this in future lessons.

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