PHASE II: Build Your Sales Funnel




As we discussed already, the formula for success on the web is simple: Traffic + Conversions = Sales. Traffic is gained by being visible. Conversions are gained by providing value to people. In the digital world, your value is the content that you provide. This is done as you build your sales funnel.


Your content strategy needs to focus on two fundamentals:


We must write content for machines for visibility. This requires sound structure and an understanding of where your customers are located.


Once we know where your customers are, we must write content for people so we add value that ultimately converts information seekers into buyers.


Each keyword is a potential market.

  • We need to have an understanding of which topics (keywords) your customers are interested in.
  • Our ideal goal is to target keyword terms with high search volumes.
  • We need to structure your content so that Search Engines can find it. We do this by focused targeting.
  • We need to work on the presentation of your message based on perceived preconceptions about your target market (each keyword is a market).
  • We need to find data that would give us information on exactly which keyword terms would drive sales. Sometimes it is the low traffic terms that convert the best as they are more targeted to buyer intent.
  • Think of each page on your site to represent a conversation engaging a specific problem for your audience. Each keyword represents a different conversation, and each page engages that conversation. We want to have profitable conversations.

Each keyword (market) needs to be measured for profitability.

As we send traffic, we test and track it as we apply it to your website to find out where the profitable conversations are located. Also, information about your visitors will give us information on how to talk to those people. For example, we need to discover whether “video production in Calgary” is our main term or whether “Calgary video production” is our main term. Search volumes vary by quite a lot for these and our content needs to be written to reflect (subtly) the topics or markets we are seeking.


People convert when they engage with a desired action that you have set up for them. Conversions are defined in many ways. A few include: buy, download, opt-in, register, refer a friend, make a phone call, click to chat, and many more.

We need our website to engage people and add value. All commerce is based on one fundamental principal: People with solutions sell things to people who are trying to solve a problem. If you think of a simple funnel as an analogy for the buying process, it becomes clear. People enter your funnel at the top as information seekers. As you answer more and more of their questions they stick around until they have no more questions and are ready to buy. If you are still answering their questions at this point, they will buy from you. If you have failed to provide sufficient answers to any of their questions along the way, there is a good chance they will go seek out a competitor.

Here are some common things we do to continually optimize your content to increase converting customers:

  • Multivariate Testing
  • Website Personalization
  • A/B Testing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Advanced Segmentation & Targeting
  • Customer Experience Optimization

The more we engage in these activities, the more information we get about the buying processes and behaviors of your prospects. The more information we have, the better decisions we can make about engaging a value added conversation with our prospects.


Once we know who your target market is, where they hangout, and what problems they have, we move to creating content that solves those issues. Creating good content that engages your readers is the number one most important thing for success on the web. All commerce is based on a seller providing solutions to a potential buyer’s problems. We reinforce this concept by creating value added content on a regular schedule to reinforce to the Search Engines and to your prospects that you are indeed the number one authority in your market.



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