PHASE III: Traffic Generation Strategies






Every business wants leads right away. Although online marketing matures with time, it should be noted that there are many things we do to try and get results as soon as possible. Here we will introduce you to a simple process for generating traffic to your web assets and content.

Step 1: Google Adwords

Google Adwords are a source of instant traffic. This means we get the opportunity to see how people relate to your site. It gives us valuable insight in to your market by telling us which keywords have high search volume and which convert. This campaign will tell us within a month or so which terms people are searching by and which terms people are searching by when they make a purchase. This real time data will serve as the foundation for long term strategies such as SEO and content marketing initiatives.

If Adwords convert your ROI after three months, you are essentially getting push button income. If this is the case, we leave it running and build it into your long term marketing initiatives. If not, we look for other paid media sources, such as banner advertising or social media sites, that are related to your niche (budget depending). Regardless of whether we decide paid media is a sustainable long term strategy for ROI, the data gained is what we use to define our long term goals for organic traffic generation. This is a crucial component of your strategy for at least 3 months. This data will serve as the foundation for your search campaign regardless of whether or not we keep the adwords running.

Once we have run an adwords campaign for a few months, we turn to additional sources of traffic that can be found online & offline. Some of these sources include:

  • Direct Mail
  • Relationship Nurturing
  • Cold Calling
  • Media Buys
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing

The insights gained from adwords allows us to jump to the top of any market instantly and study user behavior. This will provide the foundation for determining which other strategies we will engage (from above) for our long term marketing endeavors.

Step 2: Retargeting

We can collect lists of users that have visited your website. This allows us to serve ads that appear ONLY to those targeted users. From the user perspective, it makes it look like your company will show up anywhere.


Step 3: Content Marketing (SEO)

Content Marketing is where you really begin to build long term and sustainable sales channels. The goal is to build web assets everywhere that will generate natural and organic traffic to your site. Think of it like investing in virtual real estate. We always want to grow our traffic sources and increase our reach. The more traffic that goes to your site, the better we get at perfecting your sales funnel. Over time, you will notices permanent, sustainable sources of traffic that will convert with very little capital input. Creating your sales distribution channel is an art that should be a permanent commitment as there is always room for growth. This is where sustainable businesses are built and it's the foundation of inbound marketing. People seek you out, not the other way around.

Anyone at the top of Google gains instant credibility because you become the authority in your market. Anyone with a mature Search Engine campaign is reaping the benefits of being the first place potential employees look to work as well as the first place potential clients can find you. In addition, all stakeholders in any market see you as the market authority.

In a nutshell, we build content and promote it. As you build more and more content and get more engagement, your search engine results will naturally start to increase.

Step 4: Data Research

Data Research defines the process of collecting information about your prospects so that you can target those that are not actively searching for your service. We collect names, companies, physical addresses, emails & phone numbers so that we can target your prospects with direct mail, email campaigns and by telephone. We get permission to email people and build lists. This is a long term process as it usually takes 4-6 months to really build profitable relationships with people from cold lists. Strong list building is a very powerful strategy. The money is truly in the list as relationships always equate to sales. Contacts gained from PPC and SEO channels will be added to this data pool to promote long term relationship nurturing sequences.

Step 5: Social Media

Think of Social Media as the glue that holds the rest of your marketing campaign together. We see this as a long term process that really starts to propagate once you create a following. Social Media is all about great content and engagement. We call it the content magnifier. Brands get destroyed everyday due to poor Social Media management in the same way the sensations are created overnight. Great things get fast exposure in the digital world.



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