3 Steps to Effectively Use Hashtags

Ask anyone under the age of 20 what the symbol is and they won’t call it a pound sign. This harmless little sign has now taken on a whole new identity, one you must adapt to to remain modern and appealing on today’s social media channels…but how?

When done right, hashtags can improve your visibility online, extend your reach, and much more! Of course, too much of a good thing can be a really bad thing and hashtags are no exception to this rule. Even #millennials don’t want to see #useless #hashtags #EverywhereTheyGo, because #That’sTotallyAnnoying. See our point? With these tips, you’ll be using hashtags successfully and engaging your superfans in no time!

Choosing the Ideal Hashtag for Your Business

Make sure you create a brand hashtag that is short, easy to spell, and unique to your company. Remember, short and sweet is always better. If your business builds homes, a hashtag like #BuildingTheHomeOfYourDreamsIsWhatWeDo is less appealing and memorable than #DreamHomesByBusinessX. The same goes for a campaign hashtag. For a promotion, keep its unique hashtag short and simple so fans remember it easily and tag it whenever it’s relevant! Easy, right?

Using Trending Hashtags

Slapping an octothorpe on any old word isn’t doing you any favours. Your best bet is to use hashtags that are already trending on social media channels. Again, this comes with a word of warning:  less is more! If you spam a trending topic with too many posts or hashtags that are irrelevant to your business or post, you run the risk of irritating your potential audience. How do you know what’s trending? A few great resources, like hashtags.org and Trendsmap can help you discover what’s trending and what you can use to boost your social media reach. See? It’s not so hard!

Social Media Platforms

What social platform will you be using? Let’s run through the most common platforms together and make sure you’re hashtagging like a pro. Using hashtags on Facebook isn’t actually useful in boosting engagement, so you can drop them altogether. If you’re a die-hard hashtagger, limit your usage to one or two tags per post. Similarly, using less than two hashtags is most effective for Twitter as well. To optimize Google+, you can simply increase it to three tags. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Instagrammers use upwards of 11 for optimal performance. Remember though, don’t overdo it either. Got it? Great!

Now you’re ready to get out there and hashtag your way to success! With our suggestions, you can grow your social media following, extend your reach, and so much more. Still hesitant? Let us know! Cargo Digital is ready to help whenever you are.