customer behavior

Using Customer Behavior to Personalize Sales


Marketing automation is every marketer’s dream, but is it taking away from the personalized service your customers have come to expect from your brand? It doesn’t have to be that way! There are tools and strategies available to help you personalize your sales system. You can use customer behavior to help your customers feel they’re getting the individualized attention they deserve!

The number one way to achieve a personalized feel to your sales funnel is to examine customer behavior. If you’re an online shopper, you’ve undoubtedly received weekly, if not daily, newsletters and ads from the stores you frequent. Some of these ads may display items on sale, or going on sale, but if their email campaign is good and they’re examining your behavior, they’re much more targeted.

Have you ever received an email from a company reminding you that there are items in your shopping cart? This is the perfect example of an email campaign based around customer behavior.

Amazon does an excellent job of making personalized recommendations to their customers based on recent purchases. Their clients receive these recommendations both through email, and right on the site when they log in. They take marketing personalization to the next level this way! Their final, and very influential, personalization strategy comes in the form of cues on the website informing customers that other people who bought the item they’re purchasing also bought these. These cues are reminiscent of small impulse purchases at the grocery store till.

Regular newsletters and updates sent to your clients and customers are also an important way to increase engagement with your business or brand. Even something as simple as a post-order email thanking the client for their purchase can improve sales and the personalized touch the client feels, making them more inclined to use your services again!

Is your business doing everything it can to increase the personalized touches your clients feel? Customized pop-ups, newsletters, and targeted email campaigns based on customer behavior improve your sales conversions? Cargo Digital would love to help you personally connect with your clients.