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Using Customer Behavior to Personalize Sales


Marketing automation is every marketer’s dream, but is it taking away from the personalized service your customers have come to expect from your brand? It doesn’t have to be that way! There are tools and strategies available to help you personalize your sales system. You can use customer behavior to help your customers feel they’re getting the individualized attention they deserve!

The number one way to achieve a personalized feel to your sales funnel is to examine customer behavior. If you’re an online shopper, you’ve undoubtedly received weekly, if not daily, newsletters and ads from the stores you frequent. Some of these ads may display items on sale, or going on sale, but if their email campaign is good and they’re examining your behavior, they’re much more targeted.

Have you ever received an email from a company reminding you that there are items in your shopping cart? This is the perfect example of an email campaign based around customer behavior.

Amazon does an excellent job of making personalized recommendations to their customers based on recent purchases. Their clients receive these recommendations both through email, and right on the site when they log in. They take marketing personalization to the next level this way! Their final, and very influential, personalization strategy comes in the form of cues on the website informing customers that other people who bought the item they’re purchasing also bought these. These cues are reminiscent of small impulse purchases at the grocery store till.

Regular newsletters and updates sent to your clients and customers are also an important way to increase engagement with your business or brand. Even something as simple as a post-order email thanking the client for their purchase can improve sales and the personalized touch the client feels, making them more inclined to use your services again!

Is your business doing everything it can to increase the personalized touches your clients feel? Customized pop-ups, newsletters, and targeted email campaigns based on customer behavior improve your sales conversions? Cargo Digital would love to help you personally connect with your clients.

Your Customers in the Sales Funnel

The customer's journey through the sales funnel

In the past, we’ve discussed how to build your sales funnel, but there are two sides to every story. While it’s important to know your sales path through the process, it’s equally important to understand the journey your customers take through that same funnel. The steps in the customer journey are the same taken by your sales team, but are seen from a very different perspective.


On the other side of the funnel, infrastructure includes your website, any self-serve presentations, as well as your marketing collateral. All this information about your company and products should be served to any potential customer visiting your webpage as they need it in a logical progression.

User Experience

Marketing is all about user experience! Is your marketing material easily accessible? Is it visually pleasing? When considering the user experience, think about the colors and images used in your marketing, as well as the method of information delivery.

Videos are very effective because they can transfer of a lot of information in a visually interesting way. We’d rather watch a video than read a pamphlet, wouldn’t you? Although, if that pamphlet has nice imagery and is quickly scan-able that might be better than a video. We find this info out by testing.


Storytelling includes all social media pages—which should be active!—as well as your blog. Tying into the user experience, ensure your blog and social pages are consistently branded, interesting, engaging, and full of great, easily digestible information.

Great story telling is what will keep your customers, both potential and existing, coming back for more! Doing it in  logical progression ensures you are not bombarding your clients with too much info.


The above steps through your funnel may be largely self-drive, but through interaction your sales team begins to get involved. These first interactions may be calls, sales presentations, or even in-person meetings. It may be the first point at which a potential customer interacts with an actual member of your company.


Some customers may need to take time before fully committing to your business and it’s important to keep them interested during this time. If you answer all question people have as they have them you will keep people interested. Some customers may refer back to your exceptional collateral, re-watch presentations and videos, or may initiate more interactions with your team. This is also the perfect time to offer trials of your product or service to really build a value optimized channel.


Your potential customer has now worked their way through your funnel and has seen the value in your products and services and is ready to buy.

After the sale, it’s important to collect feedback from your happy customers. Feedback is what helps companies to grow and offer more great products and services to their existing customers, and to entice more prospective customers.

Where do your clients start and end their journey? Not sure? We’re here to help you make the most effective use of your sales funnel and map your customer’s journey!

Traffic Problem OR Conversion Optimization Problem?

Find The Answer In This Short Video Where I Outline A 3 Step Process To Defining Your Digital Strategy.


Do Have A Traffic Problem Or Conversion Optimization Problem?

We all think we need traffic. In some cases this is true. What you really need to ask yourself is if you have a traffic problem or conversion optimization problem?

By focusing on your site first you create a “homebase” in which you can promote your content. We recommend spending money on traffic only after you have a solid web presence that has been optimized for user paths and conversion funnels. This, combined with good content to support that presence is the foundation for a winning web strategy.

Without an effective sales funnel, your traffic will go to waste. Every business is different so every sales funnel will operate differently in terms of how traffic moves through your conversion optimization paths. is the place to go if you need advice on how to build digital systems that truly work so you can focus on what you do best…operating your business. Don’t be shy, reach out to an expert!

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