What Makes a Website Visually Appealing?

In many cases, your website is the first experience people have with your brand. That means you have to make it a good one! People respond to visual cues, so how can you take advantage of that with your website design?

Choose Your Message

What is your business? What do you want people to take away? When you’ve only got a few seconds to impress before they click the back button, you want to make sure that you’re giving people what they’re looking for right off the bat.

Take our site for example:

Cargo website

What do we do? You know the answer right away; it’s the first thing you see.

Choose a Header Image

The other thing you see when you get to our page is our header. People love images and videos, so make good use of them on your homepage and throughout your site! Don’t just choose any old image though. Pick one that will connect people to what you do and offer. Make sure you have the rights to the photo, too, or choose one from a stock photo site. Pexels has some good advice on how to optimize your header.

Decide on Font and Colours

Fonts and colours have power! They are tools through which your message is received. That’s why your font choice is important. Don’t go too crazy on the colours, either.  A basic understanding of colour psychology can help you decide on a colour scheme.

Commit to Responsive Design

Stats show that 65% of people have a better opinion of a brand if they have a good mobile website experience. We live in an age of portable technology; the internet is at the tips of our fingers. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’re falling behind your competitors. What’s more, having a mobile responsive website actually improves your SEO (and getting points with Google is what every website wants)!

Keep Things Simple (But Not TOO Simple)

A good user experience is what keeps people on your site longer. Don’t make things harder for them with too many images and links. That being said, a webpage that has no description of services or information about the company isn’t useful either. The trick is to have enough info to keep people engaged, but not so much that they drown in your content.

Have more questions? Get in touch! At Cargo Digital we’re happy to help.


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