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We Offer A Full Suite Of Internet Marketing Services

Digital or internet marketing is comprised of Google Adwords, Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Advertising and Website Development. Our mission is to help our clients understand which of these services will work best for their needs first. Each type of advertising will provide value, but every business has different needs, and as such each each type of advertising will provide different value at different times.

Immediate Leads

Pay Per Click Advertising typically drives immediate phone calls and emails to your business. With this service, we help you manage campaigns that drive these types of leads to your business.

Long-Term Growth

SEO and social media advertising help build generate strong results, but typically take time before they become effective.

Your Foundation

Without a well designed, fast loading website, all forms of marketing will not be effective. Through an in-depth consultation, we develop a website that is designed to convert website traffic into valuable leads for your business.

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We Help You With Proven Strategies

Understand Your Needs

We begin with a meeting to discuss in-depth your needs. Before we can help you, we have to have know what your goals are.

Plan & Execute

After we understand your needs, we get to work developing a plan suitable for your needs and budget. We will use various internet marketing tools like : Pay Per Click, SEO, CRO and UX optimization.


Once your digital marketing strategy has been executed, we continue to make optimizations to continuously improve performance.

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Digital & Internet Marketing Solutions Made For You

It's All About Your Needs

Working from Calgary, Alberta, Canada we help businesses all over Canada and the USA. Our focus is on helping small - medium size businesses grow. We do this by developing solutions that get you seen on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for the services our clients offer. Couple this with amazing content that truly engages their audience, and we can dramatically increase the number of calls and emails they recieve.

And Developing Solutions

Our founder, Michael Streilein has spent over 15 years in the sales and service industry. When you work with people for over 15 years, you understand that providing value is key. What value is different for every person, so it is crucial to truly understand your customer's wants and needs.

That Deliver Results

The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving and changing. We are dedicated to continuously learning so we can maintain and improve the results that we deliver for our customers.

Blueprint Digital Marketing is the company to count on when looking for an agency that truly cares about developing solutions for your needs.

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