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Speed Up Your Website Case Study

Faster Websites Rank Better

Having a website that loads it's content in a timely manner increases the chances a user will engage with your website. This study by Royal Pingdom shows shows a direct correlation between bounce rate and load time.

  • 5 seconds means a 40% bounce rate
  • 4 seconds means a 25% bounce rate
  • 3 seconds or less means a bounce rate of less than 10%

You are automatically losing 40% or more of your potential website traffic if your website loads faster than 5 seconds or more. Of 100 users, that means 40 users that will not call to do business with you.

User Engagement Drives Rankings

It's commonly known, that Google wants to show users the best content. So, it makes sense that Google will rank websites as high if 40% or more of their users are not bothering to wait for a website to load.

Take, a look at a company in Calgary, Great Tel Ltd

As we work to improve their website load times, and technical performance, their rankings also go up.

great tel speed test

great tel average keyword rankings

Speed That Website Up!

If you website is not performing well on a Google Speed Test, then you should start looking for ways to speed up your website, either through plugins or by hiring a qualified Wordpress website developer.