Success Stories

“Since bringing on Cargo, we’ve moved to #1 on Google, which has resulted in a 30% growth or $1 Million in additional sales per year.”

Hubbard Roofing

Kelly Bryden / President

“The leads we are getting now are qualified. In the past, we would have to cold call.”

MAGTEC Products

Mitch Morisset / VP Sales

“We interviewed a number of people and went with Cargo because they were really concerned about ROI and an action plan to make it happen…the others were like, give us your money and we’ll see”

Integrity Pump

Des Bousfield – President

“Good Earth was dead on Friday nights before Cargo used Social Media Marketing to bring people to our establishment. We now have a regular network of people that fill the place every night.”

Good Earth Cafe

Marc Gravel – Franchise Owner